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Java Uploader Ftp Source code (#downloads_334) - Comments

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Java Uploader Ftp Source code by Chris Graham

Downloads: 544
Added: 22 July 2010
This is a modified version of the third-party Open Source HTML Large File Uploader code. It has been improved quite significantly to integrate very seamlessly with ocPortal.

A compiled version of this is included within the regular ocPortal distribution.

This code is provided here as an addon so people can modify it themselves also – but mainly because it is needed in order to generate a signed certificate, so users can see that it is your domain that is c…

I'd really like to see examples for such addons. Would it be possible to link to an implementation or at least attach a screenshot?

Many thanks in advance!

This is just Java code for something already in ocPortal. I'll clarify.


System said

This is a spacer post for a website comment topic. The content this topic relates to: Java Uploader Ftp Source code

Thanks for asking this.. You beat me to it.

Chris maybe this is out of context here but I have googled how to generate a java signed certificate I am lost maybe a tutorial someday?
No biggie.

There are too many online users to list.
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