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It's good to be challenged - Comments

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It's good to be challenged

Posted 15 November 2011, 2:24 AM

This weekend, and in to today, I upgraded to the latest version of Mac OS. One interesting thing I noticed is now Apple Mail threads messages, which I never had in my main mail client before. Immediately I noticed e-mails from ocPortal were lumping together when they were really quite unrelated. For example, different hack-attack notifications, or 'this needs validating' notifications, would lump together because they all had the same subject…

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What's even better is how often you rise to the challenge. It's easy to be a user and a fan of a product with such an obvious level of commitment from the developer.


Agree with you Bob… I have never see this by other major cms systems… Thats why I'am set all my and some client site over to ocPortal  :)

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