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Installation maker (#downloads_129)

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Installation maker (#downloads_129)

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Can this be used to make themes for ocportal or just add ons for ocportal?


This isn't related to themes/addons. It's the code we use to make our quick installer packages. So people can use it to make their own installable versions of ocPortal.

Oh neat.
so the versions we come up with are to be posted here is that correct?

On this forum somewhere, yes. This is, if people feel a need to make their own versions - we wanted to provide people the opportunity to do so, but I'm not sure necessarily if it is better than just releasing addons. It's about ocProducts stepping back and allowing people to do what they feel is best.

Oh thats kind of cool like phpnuke and post nuke or linux except for you keeping the copy right.

I like the idea a lot.
I should come up with my own version.

There are too many online users to list.
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