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HipHop PHP -- some guidance for programmers (#news_200)

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HipHop PHP -- some guidance for programmers (#news_200)

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Last edit: by Chris Graham

Great summary + question on Quercus

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your effort to put everything together!  It's indeed a great summary provides rich information. =)

I'm planning to give Quercus a try in my own project to:
  1. gain possible performance boost.  (JVM is pretty resource consuming, though…)
  2. make use of the Java lib (protocol buffer), given it doesn't exist in PHP.

Therefore, I'm very curious about the show-stopper bugs you've encountered.  It will be very helpful if you could kindly provide more details.

And, it seems Quercus is updating (Caucho Resin : Reliable, Open-Source Application Server) — it releases minor updates almost in a monthly pace.

Looking forward to your reply!


Hi Jacky,

It's been quite a while since I used Quercus, but I was getting data corruption in loops and despite hours of debugging could not isolate it:
0003764: fread() on a regular file doesn't return all requested bytes? - Mantis
0004047: Very complex problem with variable referencing - Mantis
What bothers me is just the total lack of official response, including after emailing developers personally. I think Caucho is probably very contract-driven, which is understandable given the lack of lime-light these systems get and the cost of engineers capable of working on Quercus. But some acknowledgement would be good.
I checked the forums a while ago and I think progress was being made by a third party developer who persuaded Caucho to give him commit access.

Fantastic Article

Fantastic Article, thanks for the knowledge.

Get it.  Big thanks!

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