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Google translate (#downloads_338) - Comments

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Google translate by Chris Graham

Downloads: 576
Added: 22 July 2010
By adding


to the side block of your website, you will give your users the option to translate the content of your website into another language by using Google Translate.


Licensed on the same terms as ocPortal

Something wrong

I have a raw and very nude installation of ocPortal but when I click to change language in translation it quits the block drop-down menu very quick and there is no way to change language.
Is it not ready? It was my mistake?

Hope it works later to rate it better!

Problems with links

Hi again.
I still try to make this module work, but even installed and not useful because it doesn't work for me and can not change language, it seems to work automatically with IE8. The story:

- I usually work on Mac and Firefox. Everything in english.
- I am portuguese and have a portable with Windows Seven and IE8.
- I tried to use my new site to see how some things worked and got a lot of errors. Why?

. Because this Google Translator automatically works for my portuguese IE8 and translates almost everything!
. The biggest problem is that it also translates the URL of my site. That's why I got a lot of errors; my site is at and it changes 'artists' with 'artistas', the portuguese word for artists.

Hope to help with this. Hope to find a solution!
Keep up the good job.

I've tested this and did find quite a few problems:
  • slow on first load
  • not setting locale properly
  • some corruption on some language files (strings showing as wrong strings)
  • translating some stuff it should not have (lower case language strings)
  • single-letter day codes not translating neatly
  • invalid HTML ID's generated for unicode
  • the language selection block not working right (as you said)
I didn't get the incorrect link problem, but I would guess that can be solved by using a different Comcode syntax for the links. Translation happens on things inside Comcode tags but not Comcode tag parameters. So use this syntax for the URL tag: [url=""]test link[/url]. Similar the 'page' tag has a syntax where the page-link goes as a parameter like [page="site:test"]test link[/page].

» Download: (48 Kb, 359 downloads so far)

Oh yes, and it probably auto-translated on IE because I guess you have enabled language auto-detection and have IE's language set correctly but not Firefox's (quite a common thing as people don't think to set their browser language).

Thanks again Chris.
I really don't use IE and didn't check language option, of course. You're right, we don't think about that when we just use english versions and work on a Mac with firefox and everything in english…
I'll try it again later. About the Game, is there anybody who have it running online? I'd like to see it working to check if I really want it.
For now, I think I will unistall it and delete all mess I created around pages and blocks and start over again later. I'll be focused on Forums right now and come back later to try ocWorld!

About the Google Translator, since I was off-topic with ocWorld, the link problem you don't understand was this:

It gives errors like (I deleted messages O_o ) 'can not find URL bla..bla..bla…/PT etc. But inside the bla…bla addresses it was translating artists=artistas and of course I do not have links in portuguese, so, domain dot com/artistas/… do not exist and it crashes. I'll give it another try ASAP…

Many thanks for help.

Okay, I installed (uploaded) the fixes and it works okay on Safari… translation is very funny and crazy but that's a google problem… If you are blind with another language, well, you can understand almost everything.
Doesn't translate inside Boxes and things like that, but it's ok and working fine. I can change language and it's not so slow… it works.

On Firefox… O_o … well… I can't change language because it always return to english. And I defined Firefox to preferred language Portuguese-PT. No way, he doesn't like me!

(In fact, i don't want to have my site in portuguese or any other language but english. Google translation could be a useful module for many people from all over the world. As my site will ready next year, probably you'll have a newer version with all bugs corrected and more compatible with Mac, Firefox, etc… We can not want everything. The ocPortal itself is much more important now.)

Keep up the good job.

How to integrate this GOOGLE translation

Hi, i'm have a hard time translating manually the script, and it busying me too much.
I have download your google translation package, but how to integrate in the script ?
I need help

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