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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

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Ghost Posts ... ?

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Ghost Posts ... ?

So, what's with the 'ghost' inline topics appearing when I log in - ALL from Philip?

And there was I thinking he'd taken a break to concentrate on his studies.

No telling what the ocPortal team gets up to …


The effect of me pre-beta testing code on our site. Better it goes wrong here than when we release it openly  :lol:.

Whoops, that was me. I was using keep_su to reproduce what you saw then accidentally posted using your account.



At least I'm not going around the bend - seeing things that aren't there!

As an aside — I even had a reminder from the Admin page on my site to 'update' my copyright information since we were now in 2011. How cool is that?

Kudos, team. It's the little things that often get overlooked …


P.S. The WYSIWYG editor doesn't seem to be working too well here … !!

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