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Facebook support (#downloads_363) - Comments

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Facebook support by Kamen / Naveen / Chris

Downloads: 968
Added: 17 December 2010
This addon provides substantial Facebook integration for your ocPortal website.

  • User's can log in to your site using their Facebook profile (for OCF-sites only)
  • Links to the Facebook profiles of ocPortal profiles logged in via Facebook Connect
  • New Facebook Friends block (allows users to like your site and shows those that have)
  • New Facebook Site activity feed block
  • New Facebook Facepile block (shows people who like your site or have signed in using F


Thanks Kamen, Naveen and Chris!

I'll update my Facebook theme with this great new add-on ASAP. Glad to learn that ocPortal intends to develop even more integration with Facebook in a near future. :thumbs:

This is great, thanks guys!

I am having a few minor troubles with it though. It may be because I am using 5.1 beta?

When I login with facebook and then logout I am directed to fill out the info to finish connecting. When I do this it creates a new account instead of connecting accounts.

When logged in with fb I don not show on the users online list, show as a guest.

After a user logs in with facebook, logs out (both fb and my site) and tries to log in again with the regular log in method this erroe is shown.
Internal error - an unknown authentication scheme was found in the database against your member. Unfortunately we cannot authenticate you.

And there is also this…. Making registration simple and social in just a few steps - Facebook Developers

Thanks Brian.

The addon has now been updated:
  • Fixed the users-online issue
  • Allowed log out
  • There is no longer a need to complete your profile, it gets whatever details it can from Facebook and leaves the rest blank (presumably anyone who installs this cares more about easy login than completion of required CPFs etc)
  • Fixed problem editing profiles

The "unknown authentication" error is correct (the account), but in the next ocPortal we'll make it look a bit less scary and be more helpful.

The addon doesn't connect accounts, it is designed to make a new account. Hopefully the new changes streamline this though. ocPortal has an account merge feature the admin can use if this matters a lot to people, although it's a manual task.

FOOTER.tpl has changed again to accomodate this.

Will this work on 6.1 Beta?

I'm getting this on the FB login. I've double checked the domain settings, etc., from FB:

.app_content_51546247891 a.uiLinkSubtle { display: none; }
.app_content_51546247891 a.UIImageBlock_ICON_Image { display: none; }

#bootloader_Zvucx { height: 42px; }

Could you show a screenshot? This seems a weird-one.

(For v6 I intend to reupload all the non-bundled ocProducts addons, there have been some little bug fixes across a few of them since we originally released them.)

Here is the error. I've also deleted the app on FB and re-created it using a different API and secret key.

Could you try it on a browser without any extensions/addons installed? It's quite hard to make out what's what there, and I suspect one of the extensions may be interfering with things.

Tried it using FF with no addons installed. Just thought of something. It may be due to a proxy-server issue (asks for permission to access the FB domain) at a site that I test the installation from. I will resume this testing from another location to make sure that proxy servers are not causing this.


No redirect

I have installed the Facebook addon on a clean install of OCPORTAL and when I click on LOG ON, I get to the facebook page, I autorise everything ok, and then it dissapears, and I dont get registered on the site.. Have I missed something>?

same above:

I have installed the Facebook addon on a clean install of OCPORTAL and when I click on LOG ON, I get to the facebook page, I autorise everything ok, and then it dissapears, and I dont get registered on the site

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