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Facebook friends (#downloads_296) - Comments

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Facebook friends by Kamen Blaginov

Downloads: 1,040
Added: 22 July 2010
Facebook friends list main block adds a list of your facebook fans to your website. To use it you need to go in the desired zone logged as site administrator and choose "Edit this page" link in the "Control functions" section at the page bottom. Then you need to choose you site language version and click proceed. In the window which appears there is a Comcode page editor, which is shown as a text area. You need to choose where you would like the block to ap…

block size

how to resize the facebook block? my right block panel has i think only 150px but the facebook block is bigger maybe 300px. i edited the .tpl, i reduced to 150px but still the block displayed is bigger and goes beyond the page margin.
how to resolve this? please help.

resize block

i tried to use this and its ok, displaying the facebook block. however, the block size is bigger than my page right block panel, i think my page right block panel is only 150px, while the facebook block is 300px. i edited the .tpl reduced it to 150px, but still the displayed facebook block is bigger.

How to resolve this? please help. thanks.

I think it's likely impossible :(. Facebook generates the HTML/CSS code from the parameters passed into the FBML code, and probably doesn't know how to generate it that thin.
Might be better off asking on a Facebook developer forum though.

There are too many online users to list.
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