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Facebook support - Comments

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Facebook support by Kamen / Naveen / Chris

Downloads: 607
Added: 24 June 2011
This addon provides substantial Facebook integration for your ocPortal website.

  • User's can log in to your site using their Facebook profile (for OCF-sites only)
  • Links to the Facebook profiles of ocPortal profiles logged in via Facebook Connect
  • New Facebook Friends block (allows users to like your site and shows those that have)
  • New Facebook Site activity feed block
  • New Facebook Facepile block (shows people who like your site or have signed in using F

I just noticed facebook comments are not showing to everyone because the page seems to be viewed as two separate pages, depending on how you navigate to it.

I have comments on a page at /pg/the_page/ But when you navigate there from my menu which was added with the menu editor at /pg/the_page/ (no index.php at the end) the comments are not showing.

Spelling error

Not that big of a deal, just thought I'd point it out

'show_fanpage_link' is either "1" or "0" - 1 is you would like to display a link to the ban page, 0 means you don't.

No banning allowed! Ha, ha!

Ah yes, thanks.

@Brian. This HEADER.tpl line is supposed to solve that, maybe you stripped it?


   <link rel="canonical" href="{SELF_URL*}" />
If not, I'm not sure to be honest.

Thanks Chris.

I had a look and I do still have that in my header.

have it working

At least have it working now... :)

Facebook Login Connect problem

Do any of you have this kind of problem? I installed the fb support script on version 7.5 of ocPortal and when i go to click the fb login button near the bottom... nothing pops up for you to sign into facebook, but when i go to the forum page then refresh the page, then click on fb login (nothing happens) button, then refresh, then go back to the home login page then click fb login (again nothing happens) button, then refresh page, and then click the fb login button again, and then now a new window pops out open and now i can sign into fb properly... and then brings me back to the ocPortal site as the user has logged in... now this sequence may not go exactly in this order but somewhat similar order as i mentioned... What can i do to fix this?


How do i link an account to a facebook profile? I have searched everywhere and cant find any options for the user. I have set up the app through facebook, and the Log In box is visible. Its visible all the time, no matter if im logged in or not. When i click it i get a window open (title; XD Proxy) and then vanish. Any advice?

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