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Facebook support - Comments

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Facebook support by Kamen / Naveen / Chris

Downloads: 393
Added: 23 March 2011
This addon provides substantial Facebook integration for your ocPortal website.

  • User's can log in to your site using their Facebook profile (for OCF-sites only)
  • Links to the Facebook profiles of ocPortal profiles logged in via Facebook Connect
  • New Facebook Friends block (allows users to like your site and shows those that have)
  • New Facebook Site activity feed block
  • New Facebook Facepile block (shows people who like your site or have signed in using F

I just installed this here and it works perfectly.

Thanks guys!

lol @ the advertising plug.

I've got this working a site too and works great.

lol I don't know if it's much more of a plug than our signatures are.

I think people like to see things in action before they try them for themselves too and there is a good example for them.

I didn't actually try logging in with it before I posted. It installed easy and the blocks are working but I run into troubles when I try to log in with it.

I turned on the option to email the errors from my site….

getting this addon to work

Lord, I feel like a dummy sometimes. I've been trying to get this addon, as well as the other facebook support stuff to work. I've done everything I know.
1. I went to facebook, created a new app. Got the api key, api id, api secret and my user id# and placed it all in the cofiguration/feature option block where it goes. I configured the app on facebook in every place I could find with my domain. I've uploaded the above package to the correct places on my website but it doesn't seem to work for me, which means I'm missing something.

The frame in the footer is emty and when I use the block on my front page I get:


A critical parameter, param, was missing.

Above it says:
Please be aware that this addon overrides some common templates to add Facebook
functionality to them. In particular, the FOOTER.tpl template is overridden. You
will likely have overridden this yourself and need to grab the new Facebook
coding added near the bottom of this template and put it into your own version.

Is this telling me I need to place the contens of the facebook-footer.php file in my own footer file?

Any help on this front would be greatly appreciated. Facebook is extermly difficult to use with a screen read and I'd like this addon on my site as well as to be able to post my site's news to my facebook wall.


The advice about FOOTER.tpl is out of date, I have removed that. We cleaned things up already to solve that complexity.

The frame that Facebook uses is meant to be hidden and empty I think. Seeing users won't notice it, I think it is used as a communication channel.

The missing parameter error I think is because you're using the main_facebook_friends block without a facebook page ID.
It needs to be like:


Where '12345' is the page ID of the page set up on Facebook for people to be fans of.

Getting this error???


Does your server have a Firewall perhaps?

I don't know what was causing it but its working now… I am still getting some scattered errors though manly with the comments like button

As far as I can tell, in 7.1 RC1 at least, you cannot log OUT of Facebook hookup on your site once logged in. Not a biggie, just making sure it's known.

We've had big problems getting Facebook to play nice with logouts, whether it works or not seems a bit unpredictable.

Why cant they just do things right like you do, geez!


AIPman1 said

Why cant they just do things right like you do, geez!

As much as we try, we can't live in a perfect world!  :lol:

Here's another interesting behavior: I am getting reports that peoples NAMES are too long, anything over 15 letters is getting rejected. Any way to change THAT???

Admin Zone > Setup > Configuration > Member and forum options

You can set character count there.

There are too many online users to list.
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