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Emoticon problem (#catalogues_469)

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This is a spacer post for an ocPortal comment topic. The content this topic relates to: Emoticon problem

Having a problem with this one for the following reasons:

  • Can't find the first snippet of code that requires replacing. I think it is because there is an additional 'close-bracket' at the end of the line.
  • The lines where this snippet of code appears in my template are 418, 470, 499, 571

Please amplify on what to edit.


I've double checked and the instructions seem correct, but perhaps there's a version mismatch somewhere.

The first line is about 11 lines into the do_emoticon function and the second is about 1 liens into the insertTextbox function.

I'm confused about the 'version mismatch' thingy.

Version 3.2.4 had the following code appear in lines 418, 469, 497, 568


   if ('none')

Version 3.2.5 amended that, and the following code appears in lines 418, 470, 499, 571 (as one would expect because of the extra snippets of code that were added)


   if (('none') || ((window.wysiwyg_on) && (wysiwyg_on())))

So, which version am I missing?

I've double-checked on the file from the last upgrade archive, and the lines seem correct on there also. However I've attached the updated JAVASCRIPT_EDITING template if you want to just replace the whole file.

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