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Don't make another Asian-Dating website - Comments

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Don't make another Asian-Dating website

Posted 24 July 2011, 9:00 AM
This article is all about ill-considered ideas for .com businesses, and our advice on doing some planning before diving in.

Every few months we get someone coming along wanting our help to create a new dating website with ocPortal. And usually, it's an asian-dating website.

By asian-dating, people usually mean people who's families originate in the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh), but living/born…

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You'd be surprised at how many approaches I've had to include an 'Asian-Dating' service, or advertisements for similar 'businesses'  on my website. All because the word 'Indian' appears in my title.

I've declined them all, politely, but am now beginning to wonder if I shouldn't have simply taken their money - with no guarantees!

In case some troll reads this comment, I have to say that there is no change in my plans to carry this stuff in the foreseeable future!


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