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Desert Combat (#downloads_362) - Comments

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Desert Combat by Jean

Downloads: 1,736
Added: 03 December 2010

Click on the above image to visit the demo site.
This is the Demo Theme used in my Tutorial: A Gaming Community Theme (Part 2) updated for ocPortal version 5.1 beta1
More modifications added to (Part 1) to create an exciting theme, including framing the flash movie, adding texture and changing icons. I've also introduced test code in HEADER.tpl to detect the Safari browser in order to replace the Flash movies with Fixed Images for anyone not using Adobe Fl…

Fits together nicely

I like it, it gives a less formal and more realistic look to the site. Unfortunately I don't have Adobe Flash, so the 2 Flash files look rather funky to me (in the "Gnash" Flash player), but I'll assume that they look as good as the rest ;)

*nods* which is excatly why I stated before in another theme thread that I'd encourage against using flash. It isn't gonna look the same or work for everyone.

But besides that, I agree, it looks great.

Not to mention those clouds of dust suck up lots of CPU resources and ram. Leave that page up for awhile and monitor resources, see it climb. Better to use java script to handle animations.

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