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Comcode OCPFrame - Comments

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Comcode OCPFrame by Petrikuhr

Downloads: 239
Added: 14 March 2012
This addon is a new Comcode for you to use on your forums, it's basically a graphical border with a graphical background with a content container for you to add text such a articles or poems etcetera, please see demo image for an example.

Full instructions and images are to be found in the download. :)

I forgot to add that full instructions and images are included in the download.

I am willing to generate different graphics for active members, please do ask, if I can do it I shall.

Thank you Petrikuhr for this beautiful design, you really Rock! :guitar:

I've installed it on my site and it works perfectly.


Very welcome Jean, thank you for the points. :)

I don't want to flood this site with my stuff so i am going to release the bulk of my work on my own site, most of which will be free, some bigger stuff will require a little participation to help get my site going. ;)

I tried to upload an updated download but the system wont let me. The change is only small so I can give an instruct here instead so no big deal.

An additional instruction, select:

Textual tag

to enable users to change the font colour and such, that's it. :)

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