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Classic Legends (#downloads_359) - Comments

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Classic Legends by mythus

Downloads: 1,447
Added: 22 November 2010
Classic Legends Theme, desgined originally for and then updated for when we moved to a different host. This theme was completed using ocPortal 5.1 beta, however should work fine in the version 5 series.

This theme makes use of the css-scripted buttons in most places instead of the image buttons. The exceptions would be within the forum topics, where image buttons were made for this theme.

This is the 1.0 edition, it should…

Hi mythus,

First, thanks for the theme. Appreciate it. You have no demo link for it so I decided to install it to check it out.

A warning to others. Installing it will not just install the theme it will replace your start page, take out your rite panel if you have one, replace the left panel and navigation and rename your navigation menu….be sure and back up your site.

ocPortal should keep revisions of the pages for you too.

Odd, I thought it only made those changes while using the theme itself, not to all themes. In other words, if you install the theme, and select it to use, then yeah it would make such theme changes, but if you then choose default or another theme, wouldn't it change back to what the other theme was using, bringing back whatever menus and panels were used there? If not, any suggestions on how to fix this?

After all, I didn't make any changes to default files, just custom theme files, as far as I know/recall…

I don't have a demo site. THose interested in checking it out can visit my live site at Legends of NorOva if they so desire. Thanks for your comments on it, and alerting me to this issue.

BTW- I would always suggest making back-ups of your site before ever adding a theme file or add on. It's just good practice.

Relatively recently we added the feature to let you include panel and start pages in a theme, for richer themes. But no it's not stored with the theme itself like that.
Obviously this behaviour isn't clear enough in the theme exporter/addon installer, you will have had a choice on what to include but I think it needs to guide better.

Oh really? It is possible that I glossed over it. Maybe I can try a second export and look for those options. I could then provide a download without those panel/menu changes yes, maybe as a secondary download for those who wanted it?

I have uploaded to this page a new file, Classic_Legends without panels, that should not make such changes to start page, navigation, and the such. It may need to be validated before showing up here there.

I am truly sorry for that mistake. It sure would help if I tried doing things with my eyes open huh… All I had to do was uncheck the checked pages in the pages section of the exporting theme options. Simple, but I guess not mythus-proof lol.

classic theme

I am searching classic theme for the Society of computerists

Where is demo? I would like to view this theme…

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