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Hokee, it appears like you are closing in on this one.

FF-Linux: no change
FF-Linux: everything works now except for the "edit page" at the bottom, still just refreshing iframe
IE-Win: edit at top now works and shows existing blocks, however view shows "Loading" which does not disappear this time and is reporting the following a script error. (I'll post that in a second as my cut and paste in Vmware is not working properly).

Another note: in order to avoid a PHP error after I modified line 209, I had to remove the last bracket here: get_custom_file_base())

Script Error

Error:Unknown runtime error

This is freaking me out :-)

Hokee, did nothing but go back and click thru to start zone editor and I'm right back to square one with IE and FF  O_o  :'(

Just for fun

I tried this:

  1. remove modified code and save with vi
  2. reinserted mod code and save
  3. got php error regarding bracket
  4. removed bracket and saved
  5. hit refresh (to bring up zone editor, site zone)
  6. voila! all worked again
  7. clicked edit at the bottom to check that
  8. back to nothing again

Strange but true!  :)

Getting closer

Me thinks the above post was pure coincidence so I would disregard. I decided to systematically edit each zone. Other than some strangeness with the Edit Page at the bottom ("site" just refreshes, "personal zone" results in hacking attempt error) and still the script error on "View" in IE, everything works except site zone. This is the only one that has the issues outlined above.

I did miss a bracket out in the fix - sorry about that.

I don't know what's happening with 'site', but I've since noticed and fixed 'personalzone'. We'll see if site is working for you in the next release.

I'll look into the IE error.

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