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Cache table can get very large (#catalogues_498) - Comments

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Title Cache table can get very large
Description The ocPortal cache table can get extremely large.
This can understandably cause problems with webhosts.

The problem happens because ocPortal caches menus for performance, but for each content page each menus is separately cached because of the need for context-sensitivity functionality within the menu templates to function properly (i.e highlighting your current page, and match-tag support).
Affects websites with a moderate to large amount of content, and/or a lot of menus
  1. Replace sources/blocks/side_stored_menu.php with the attached file. This will disable cacheing on this block, which should not affect performance measurable as ocPortal has query efficiency improvements since 4.3.
  2. Empty the block cache. Go to the Admin Zone, the Tools section, the Cleanup Tools icon, and tick (check) the block caption, and proceed.

Side note: ocPortal 4.4 will include this fix, and also an option to use disk-based cacheing instead.
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