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Better Mail - Comments

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Better Mail by ocProducts

Downloads: 426
Added: 24 August 2011
Replaces ocPortal's built in mailer with one based around Swift Mailer. This may help workaround problems with buggy/complex SMTP servers, or ones that require SSL (e.g. gmail). If you're not have mail problems there's no point using this.

Needs PHP5.


Do not use this it is junk and will ruin your site!!! I uploaded this because I was unable to send mail and newsletters out thru Chris's ocportal and he now will not fix it!! DO NOT USE THIS IS A BOGUS ADDON AND WILL CAUSE MANY UNFIXIBLE ERRORS!! The install does not even complete and from the point you installl you get errors, then the addons say it is not installed but it is and the Swift-4.1.1 missing whatever that is.

Guy you sound a little acusatory and harsh with your comment like Chris is responsible or something.

First Add-Ons are there for you to try at your own risk and come with no warranty. Everything you got was FREE FOR YOU but cost SOMEONE  ELSE a lot of time (and or money). So you should be thankful!

Next if you do like is written everywhere (and common sense anyway) and made backups before you installed the addon then there should be nothing for Chris to fix. You simply restore the backups and say oh well tried and didn't work for me. Actually not sure I noticed any recent posts in the forums from you about errors? Perhaps if you had posted nicely there someone would have helped you get it running correctly. But it isn't Chris's job to do so. If you want/need his direct support you must pay for it as that is his business model. However, he is VERY generous with helping freely in the forums so that users can solve their own issues even though it doesn't encourage the purchase of support tickets which his business somewhat depends on. So I think you should show a little more respect when you talk to or about people that have provided you something for free and you haven't even tried yourself to find ways to get answers. 

His post was a but snarky - even by my standards.


The addon reportedly worked well for the user it was originally written for. However I'm not going to get caught into supporting third party code (SwiftMail) or providing support when web hosts that impose timeout limits etc.

We get quite a few support tickets about kinds of problems stemming from outside our control, or perhaps corruption from bugs that are already fixed. As Duck says, we just can't provide free support for it, it's just not economically possible. I try to courteously respond to tickets saying this, but sometimes I think I should just ignore them or throw the same template response to everybody, because just replying to explain each time is a drain in itself.

The advice about backups is exactly right.

To provide some context, experienced freelance sysadmins who work on getting other peoples Linux stuff working will often charge over $1000 per day. All I ask is people are sensible with backups, come to the forum for community help, or use the commercial support ticket system as such. The fact that some good software is free or that web hosting is cheap shouldn't hide from the fact that Internet systems can be complex - a fact we advertise on our "what ocPortal is not" page, but applies to every distributed web software I know.


Go, download joomla, get an addon that destroys your site (there are many excellent sounding ones that can bring your site down on its knees), then demand the joomla developers to fix your site for you and watch them laugh. They don't even provide a commercial way of doing so last I checked.

Sorry Kyle, but you fail at the internet if you cannot think to make backups and be prepared for issues that happen and realize that there are multiple possible causes for said issues  before flaming someone who wrote all of this… for free.

The best investment I ever made: $12/year to my host to automatically create backups that are kept for up to two weeks…done every few hours.

I could probaly get cron jobs to do this, but not interested in messing it up

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