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An online booking engine - Comments

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An online booking engine

Posted 24 November 2011, 3:24 PM

We're nearing the completion of a project for an ocProducts client which involves a new online booking engine that we've built.

Over the last couple of years this is the single biggest thing we've really noticed is missing if you are looking from a perspective of implementing arbitrary commercial projects in ocPortal. It's a requirement that keeps coming up for commercial interests.

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Booking Engine

It seems this would work for a facility, like a health spa. Some clients may need to book a specific room (like for a massage) or to use a featured service (such as setting a golf tee time), or book with a specific person (that great manicurist).

Will it blossom into a full appointment system (as for a multi-provider based, multi-service) clinic? Will it be able to handle 100's of appointments (in a day) or more for large concerts?

It would be great as a records based system with a graphical interface. An appointments tool added to an office system (I previously used) was db related. Since each appointment was a record, you could keep track of attendance. This became a management tool, you could review reports of those who missed their appointments which helped build compliance and reschedule business.

The graphical characteristic, of being able to click and move/paste Jim and Mary's appointment from this weekend to next was useful. Keeping track of the many times a particular service/facility item is used is useful, as it helps the staff monitor basic outcomes.

This is a very exciting addition, and will provide a lot of utility!

Much appreciated.

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good idea

Hello i read this and is big idea,many sites need online booking system

Yes, the booking addon is available in the addon directory for version 8/8.1. I think it is filed under Developers due to it being not quite general-purpose yet, but it should work fine for the features implemented.

You continue to impress, Chris. :thumbs:

about your project <> showing off

everyone can post something they might do it in future with some futuristic ideas.. no offence but you simply showing off because you didn't finish it and just saying not implemented yet ..
Sweet Dreams
I know eh! Almost as easy as it is to just troll around insulting others good intentions or whining about what they don't do with their free time to make your life better.

ocPortal is all about giving people the opportunity to do amazing things.

If these people have the skill, time, and resources, then they can take things even further than our default implementation allows.

We wrote this news post because even though the commercial project that we were working on at the time did not require a fully-fledged, all-encompassing booking system, we wanted to let people know that we took the extra steps to build a strong foundation which people could build an even greater system from in the future.

We believe strongly in open-source-software, and we hope that everything we do will help to foster the ongoing, collaborative development of ocPortal.

Interesting project

Hi guys,

I am looking for a software like yours, so I am curious, if it is already available?

Best regards


Why does Jays post say yesterday at 11:14 am (23 minutes ahead of Chris's post and a day ahead of Psydoc's) but it shows up after 2 other posts?
Seems to be "threaded" v "linear" view.


But there's no inline quoting here (except your reply to me) so how does that justify an earlier post later than the others? Doesn't threaded just mean replys to a specific person are show next to that person regardless of post time but Chris and psydoc posted to the thread just like Jay and not as a reply to a person.
No, it sorts by various factors (e.g. rating), not just date – posters need to reply to other posts via the reply button for replies to make sense to readers.

It's designed to work well with very large numbers of comments – in that context, people want to see top comments, and their context, not the full discussion.

Ahh I see that makes sense now. Ok at first  I was thinking Jay might have been some kind of spam bot seeing as how his Question of availability was 2 below yors saying it is already till I saw his post time and that started my curiousity.

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