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4.3 RC2 released (#news_182) - Comments

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4.3 RC2 released

Posted 09 December 2009, 11:44 AM

4.3 RC2 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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Cant get the upgrade...

Version 4.3 is not recognised
Version 4.3 rc1 is not recognised

AppServ :


I Get This Error Message In My Local Server After Installing And Re-Installing It For 5 Times:

An error has occurred

Cannot write to C:\AppServ\www\1/lang_cached/EN/page__site__galleries.lcd. File permissions for it (or the directory it is in) have not been set correctly.

I Can see The PHP.file  ( page__site__galleries.lcd ) In The folder ( lang_cached/EN/ ) .



I Mean The ( .lcd ) File Not PHP


rd-irl said

Version 4.3 is not recognised
Version 4.3 rc1 is not recognised

Thanks for letting us know – it was a problem with our systems, and is now fixed.

I Mean The ( .lcd ) File Not PHP

The issue is the permissions on the directory (EN) – it isn't able to create a new file in there. You're on Windows which means how you set permissions really depends on your server setup, but you may be able to just assign full recursive "IUSR_<username>" write permissions from explorer.
We have a tutorial on installing on Windows.
If you have further problems please ask on the forum to other users, or us via commercial support – I'd rather avoid the news post getting too noisy.

Re- I Mean The ( .lcd ) File Not PHP



Thanks Chris Graham .

I will Try That , And Get Back To Fourm .


thanks nice portal  :cool:

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