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4.2.1 released (#news_178) - Comments

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4.2.1 released

Posted 11 October 2009, 11:32 PM

4.2.1 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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The upgrade file is 25 mb, extracting it just extract a data.ocp file. Is this a known issue?

Also the upgrade script doesn;t recognize 4.2.0 as a valid version.


Your upgrade to version 4.2.1

Version 4.2.0 is not recognised
Upgrade file: Critical startup error , or download upgrade directly (25 Mb).


Yes, I can see we've got a problem here. I am working on it now, it should be resolved soon.
Thank you for your patience.

The problem is now fixed.

Yeah saw that both my sites are updated thank you :)

next critical path

My uploader ist not responding to any kind of password, master password, the hint inside the info.php or any else…

bizarre…a bug?

This sounds like user error to be honest, as this code is pretty simple and mature. If you look in info.php, you'll see a line like…


d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427 would be the password here, and it has to be put in the master password field (it is not the FTP password). Make sure to paste it exactly, with no extra white-space.


your were right. unfortunately the master password i wrote down is not valid. the info.php tip made it. now the server failed w/ a timeout and i do have to do it manually anyway ;-(

didn't work out for me w/ WordPress either - this automatic ftp-stuff

thx again for ur help

sleep well (if here in europe?)


will this change any current setting..

Ive made modifications to some of the .tpl files, images, CSS, and /sources/*.php .. and some customization through the adminzone.. will this autoupgrade affect these settings..or should I go for a manual upgrade…  pls clarify..


You definitely should not be changing original PHP files, or generally any original file. There's an override system to stop you needing to do this, please check the framework tutorial. As obviously upgrading changes files, so  if any of the files you've edited are changed in the new patch, your changes would be overwritten.

Just to elaborate on what Chris said, it's not that you can never make PHP changes without being overwritten each upgrade. We've built in an override with exactly this in mind. (basically, save all of your changes into the appropriate _custom directory).

thanks Allen & Chris.. that should help..

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