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4.1.5 released (#news_153)

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Awesome thanks. Just wondering will this memory fix be added to 4.2?

I've just posted a topic that covers that very point :).


adding in my version I just receive the same news post no link to download the patch?

You need to fill in the form in the news post and that'll create a patch for you.


I did that I type in 4 1 4 and all I get is this link
News: 4.1.5 released -
and the Your 4.1.5 upgrade is just in bold and no link to download it.

It is indeed.. when you press ''Generate'' it opens html file and Your 4.1.5 upgrade is just in bold with no hyperlink included

Not working for me either I get a page that just has this on it.

News: 4.1.5 released
Added Thu 7:42 PM
Version 4.1.5 has now been released. This version is a patch release that introduces a number of bug fixes since the last release.

Very important upgrade advice:

    * If you're not suffering problems with memory usage and you're running an active site, it is best to avoid 4.1.5 until February 2009. Some major restructuring has been undergone to lower memory usage, and this restructuring may have led to new bugs - if this is the case, these bugs will be fixed in the mean time.
    * Be extra careful to make sure you have a backup before upgrading.
    * Set aside some time for making this upgrade rather than rushing into it.
    * It is necessary to empty the caches from inside the upgrader script as the cache format has now changed.

To upgrade follow the steps in your website's http://mybaseurl/upgrader.php script. You will need to copy the URL of the attached TAR file as one of these steps ("3: Upload an upgrade TAR for extraction").

alternatively (but not recommended), you can manually upload the files inside the attached TAR file over existing files (7-zip is just one of many tools for tar files). This is not recommended because it will bypass the upgraders addon-aware extraction algorithm and potentially cause problems.

Your upgrade to version 4.1.5

Sorry about that guys.

4.1.5 has a reshuffle of the internal API, and our own custom scripts needed updating.

Info for programmers

Other programmers upgrading should be aware of this too. For example, in this case it is because the 'deldir_contents' function has moved into 'files2' (used to be 'files') which means now a code file needs explicitly loading up before it can be used. This is a part of our memory optimisation - PHP uses a lot of memory for defining functions, so we did whatever we could to reduce the number of globally defined functions. Normally we wouldn't do such a big change in a patch release, but the memory usage had crept up and I have to admit we didn't notice it had happened until now - it urgently needed fixing as a number of web hosts (e.g. 1&1) don't let you define a high memory limit. Generally it's obviously a good thing we use less memory now.

Ah ok thanks for explaining.


If I use the default theme would there be any issues? This is a default install with just some comcode pages added and a simple livechat html snippet added?

Good Work

I just upgraded and I notice the site loads quicker, thank you for that

ya I noticed the same speed increase it is very nice and Chris did a good job. :)


Guest said

If I use the default theme would there be any issues? This is a default install with just some comcode pages added and a simple livechat html snippet added?

There are 3 new bugs so far, none of them particularly bad. The issue is that we're not sure what unforeseen issues our restructuring could have potentially created, so we're asking people to be extra cautious.

well I only upgraded my test site. Although I do have the theme site offline as I am doing some file clean up at the moment.

old versions download

Hi, Can we have the old version downloads available?
I installed v4.1.5 and upgraded to v4.1.6 with no problems what so ever.
But just tried to install fresh copy of 4.1.6 and it's giving me memory issues fatal error.

The old versions are all available in our downloads archive. However, if you are the same one who recently contacted us about memory issues, I'll be getting back to you shortly on that.

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