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10 IE compatibility problems that you might not have realised (#news_163) - Comments

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10 IE compatibility problems that you might not have realised

Posted 30 May 2009, 12:48 PM
Over the year's ocProducts has maintained a private list of issues in different web browsers, and if there's one thing that is consistent it is that Internet Explorer has the majority of the problems. Sometimes they are bugs, but as you'll see from this list sometimes other browsers just do things better. I am writing this blog post not to bash Microsoft, but hopefully to provide some useful information to other web…

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Nice post. Most of the major,yet unknown problems are clearly written. Good work..

Semi-colons are assumed in javascript

So Firefox is correct by not blowing up. Crockford talks about this on some of his videos on YouTube.

IE always struggles with PNG

Firefox handles PNG just fine but IE always struggles with it (along with just about everything else).

That's right about IE and PNGs. Even though IE7 and IE8 support alpha channels in PNGs, it's unfortunately impossible to combine them with the IE opacity filter, which is something I've wanted to do a number of times. I'm hoping IE9 will support CSS 'opacity' so use of the opacity filter won't even need to be used.

"disabled" list items

RE: 3) You can't have "disabled" list items in a <select>. These are incredibly useful for spacing out lists for usability purposes and it's a shame they don't work right in IE.

Use <optgroup> if you want to group stuff together.

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