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v10 development FAQ - Comments

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v10 development FAQ

Posted 09 May 2015, 9:00 AM
Hi all,

As you probably know, v10 is taking ages for us to get finished, and that we have given no release date yet. I will try and update people in this blog post and provide some recommendations.

This isn't a real FAQ, it's more like a series of answers to some question I think people would ask. Generally people have been surprisingly patient with us.

When will v10 be out?

We aren't giving a…

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We now have our code back up on git, on a new repository:

As of last night the installer is working and it's working on both Mac and Linux. These may or may not break randomly until we're ready for beta testing.

This code should not be used on any live site, and definitely not for upgrading (which is not tested at all). The database structure is liable for random changes prior to release without us versioning that.
Can you let us know when the installer works on Windows (currently kills Apache on my localhost setup). Thanks.
I seen the same behavior running the latest version of XAMPP on a Windows 7 machine (Apache v2.4.12, PHP v5.6.8, MySQL v5.6.24). Shortly after calling install.php the apache process dies and restarts. It leaves a 0xC00000FD (Stack Overflow) exception in the Windows Event Log and a 'child process exited with status 3221225725' error in the apache error.log.

I Googled that apache error and found this:
Parent: child process exited with status 3221225725 — Restarting on XAMP apache | Codexpedia

Adding the lines mentioned at that link:


<IfModule mpm_winnt_module>
   ThreadStackSize 8888888
to the end of the apache httpd.conf configuration file and restarting apache resolved that error. I'm not sure what an appropriate size is for the ThreadStackSize setting, but I found a page that states the default ThreadStackSize on Windows is 1MB and on Linux it is 8MB. So the value 8888888 would be almost 8.5MB.

Just for 'fun', I added some echo statements in the installer code to see what it was doing and where it was crashing. I went in as far as the compile_template function in sources\tempcode_compiler.php and found it was crashing while processing the INSTALLER_HTML_WRAP template. Several templates are processed before that one without issue. Then, while processing the INSTALLER_HTML_WRAP template, the compile_template function makes it up over 170 iterations through the big for loop before apache crashes. In that for loop, at the time of the crash, the $count is 343 and $i is 172.

Once that crash was fixed, I was able to get through the installer. Chrome gave me the 'page has become unresponsive' dialog a couple of times (during the addon installation step); probably because I downloaded the whole file tree with all 200+ blocks and modules addons included. The installer completed without problems, but there were a couple of issues afterwards (looks more like a case of being incomplete than being a case of bugs). I'm going to assume, since we're at an early alpha stage, it's probably going to be counter-productive to list these issues at this time?

Last edit: by Jason Verhagen
I've just given you commit access Jason :).

Feel free also to report stuff to the tracker. Certainly I am happy to look at bug reports at any stage.

Btw, one issue we've noticed on Windows over the years is extremely slow file system performance compared to Linux. So yeah, the full ecosystem install probably chugs away a fair bit as it's going through so many files.

Good analysis. Was an issue in a v10 performance optimisation in the Tempcode compiler, causing more regexp searching that Windows could handle. Just pushed a fix.

There was a bug affecting all platforms in the last day or so, I just fixed it (a bad patch merge). Not tested on Windows though.

v10 is looking like it will turn out to be again a fantastic piece of work :)

I only wish I could help test it some :(. If there is a topic I should post bug reports to for v10 (I looked in bug tracker but there is no option for v10 yet) let me know.

I have been getting missing/corrupt files from the git-master download for the past week, was hoping maybe the [may 21st] fix + more fixes would fix the issues I see in install; but to no avail.

It says immediately after going to /install.php:

There are 41 missing Composr files that need to be uploaded:
-Files that are actually not even in the git-master file download
There are 1,008 corrupt Composr files that need to be uploaded: (last week it was under 1000 but above 800 - seems there are more this round…)
-Too many to list

I try downloading from git twice and reuploading/extracting files twice (cpanel extract - not ftp'ing 100k files). I can go through the install, but once it actually starts 'installing' it just crashes/fails.

Oh and using a normal linux setup, at a live URL, not localhost. Currently on PHP 5.4/MySQL 5.5. I can send URL to you if you wish to debug for this particular environment.
There is a category on the Tracker for bug reports (Composr alpha testing) but it's relatively new. Git repository has been updated recently so maybe try again with the latest fixes. That corrupt/missing files output also happens on Windows, but the installer works fine on Windows. It didn't a few times along the way, but that's to be expected with alpha software. Hope you get it installed, the more people trying things out the better (though maybe not for Chris if he ever wants to sleep).

These happen if you download from github without actually running git.

It's totally benign, and I'll explain the cause…

We have an installer building platform which compiles out a file signature file. This helps the installer detect corrupt/missing files.

However, for direct github downloads that process hasn't been run in a while, so it gets really out-dated.

If you're running direct out of git we disable the checks in the installer.

Where will be the work in upgrading from v9?
There'll be a list of changes, we've cleaned quite a lot of things up to make them more obvious. For example 'ocfilter' and 'ocselect' have been switched around, because that's more logical. info.php has been renamed _config.php. There are some theme changes, but nothing near as drastic as the v8 to v9 change was.
That sounds minimal. I was expecting something a lot worse because of
I won't pretend it will be completely painless, but you won't need to restart your work.

There are too many online users to list.
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