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Understanding viewports on mobile devices - Comments

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Understanding viewports on mobile devices

Posted 25 August 2013, 12:17 AM

Recently we have been tuning the default viewport settings in ocPortal, and a change has happened in 9.0.9. I'm not planning to give an account on what we've changed, because it'd get confused, but I do want to quickly explained how things now are and why.

Some background

Through the early web, computers got better resolutions over time. In other words, a higher dpi (dots/pixels per inch).

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I've tried hard to make this article accurate and intelligible, but I have to say, this is one heck of a confusing topic!
I've been playing around responsive design pages lately and found it challenging to understand the behavior of fixed versus fluid width on mobile devices and how CSS code is best used. Your article is helpful with its background information and useful examples. Even if I'm still a bit confused at this point on the merits of either scenarios, I know that it will only make sense to me after many trials and errors. :$  

Thanks for illuminating the way , Chris. :thumbs:

The reason why I didn't comment on the first read … !!


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