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The Big - Comments

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The Big by Diego

Downloads: 1,154
Added: 12 June 2012
Rating: Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by FletchLiked by GuestLiked by BobSLiked by SahsLiked by Robert W WongLiked by JeanLiked by Brian Hay)

This theme uses the same code as Jean Gosselin’s paradise theme with some modifications.I am one of Jean’s students.  why the big well i don't really know but it looks cool so i used that picture. Thank you Jean for all your support and for being one of the best teachers in Aruba        Hope You all like my theme :D

Thanks for your theme, Diego.

Jean is obviously a great teacher and its so nice to see his work amplified by your efforts in sharing this theme.


Thanks for the nice words, Bob and Diego!

I think that the blend of graphics are spot on for this theme!
I always say that graphics must all fit together to create, in this case a painting extension giving the visitors the beginning of a story for a journey into a website. These themes can be the inspiration for anyone interested in undertaking that journey.

From my classrooms, we were able to select 24 students who met  the requirements  to receive a sub-domain and install ocPortal in close partnership with Brian Hay as the websites Host with his and embark on a discovery of what this CMS is all about. The students were encouraged to share their own theme creations here at I hope to see more of these efforts in the weeks to come.

Students receive an ocPortal Badge after installing their website and an 
Expert Themer badge after successfully uploading their themes here.

My thankfulness to Brian, ocPortal  and community members for their support of this project.


I think it is also valuable that you encourage your students to participate in "vendor" forums. This will make them more aware of the value of belonging to a community as they further pursue their ambitions.


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