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Support Credits with Mantis Integration - Comments

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Support Credits with Mantis Integration by Duck

Downloads: 822
Added: 20 April 2013
Rating: Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by KingBast)
This addon is a rewrite of ocPortal.coms Support Credits addon to make it more portable.

It allows one to integrate Mantis bug tracking system into their ocPortal website. It could be used as a support system or help desk in combination with ocPortals ticket system.

This addon will install ALL the Mantis tables for you and you no longer need to do a seperate Mantis install.
All textual content has been put into the cutomers.ini language file and can be e…

Hi there. It's unfortunate but I am heading out the door for a 2 week trip just now or I would have looked into this for you and made sure it was working but if you can wait till I get back I will definitely look into making sure it works with latest version.

@Duck, have a safe and fun trip! Thanks for all of the work done on the addon to make it portable. It is a really good example of what can be done with ocPortal, and I look forward to your return.

Could this be updated to work with the current version, it's a very useful addon.

This is for v9, so should work. I think that Duck did this in git, so that means it's the official next version of what we'll be hosting on (when we relaunch it). It should be kept up to date with all major new versions automatically.

Tried it on localhost initially, and it wasn't very happy there. I recall I got a blank index/start page. Will try again now I am on a live server.
No it does not work with the current version. Tried on Linux and windows.

PHP NOTICE [8] Undefined variable: SITE_INFO in sources\zones2.php(276) : eval()'d code on line 15 (version: 9.0.11, PHP version: 5.4.25, URL: /adminzone/index.php?page=admin_addons&type=_multi_action)

Edit: that was the error on install. When you click on the tracker link you get this.
Fatal error: 401 in C:\Ampps\www\tracker\core\database_api.php on line 393

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