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Sports by Harry-S

Downloads: 3,470
Added: 24 September 2012
Rating: Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by FletchLiked by JeanLiked by DuckLiked by superiorpyro)
A simple Sports theme. Free to use. Basic color is a red scheme.
format theme is based on HD format 1920 by 1080 px. Tested on a 1024 x 768 px screen with is acceptable.

Looking Good Harry! I think it is awesome you releasing all these themes. It is something ocPortal needs very much. It is contributions like this that will help grow the product and I just want to say thanks.
Thanks Duck, I do what I can to help ocPortal further.

Another great looking theme, Harry!

I agree with Duck, you're awesome in your efforts to create much needed themes. :thumbs:

I hope to join you soon in this endeavor.


Me, too.

First, I have to rebuild my site. After that, I may be in a position to roll out a theme (or two).

If I haven't learned anything from the rebuild, then it has been time wasted. So far I don't consider it as wasted time, but certainly a steep learning curve trying to emulate the 'mods' I had before.

Thanks to temp's 'Cloning' tute my user's don't even know it is coming …!!


Thanks Jean and Fletch. If the time is there you will make some nice themes to!!   :thumbs:

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