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Parallax Jungle - Comments

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Parallax Jungle by Jean

Downloads: 3,589
Added: 12 October 2012
Rating: Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by FletchLiked by sholzyLiked by superiorpyro)
This theme uses a parallax technique of moving background elements on the website at a different speed to that of the foreground elements. This creates an  illusion of perspective(3D) as the user scrolls or navigates through the website.

Live Demo Here.

Great technique Jean, thanks for sharing this.

'Cutting Edge' springs to mind - but there again, you've always pushed the boundaries of the new technology, and especially when integrating it into ocPortal.

Thanks, fella!



I really like this theme – is there any chance I could hire you for a slightly customized version of this theme?

please contact me by email ( :)

Great Theme, Jean.  :thumbs:

Harry and Fletch,
Thank you for your constant support and words of encouragement!

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