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Orange - Comments

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Orange by Fletch

Downloads: 2,934
Added: 29 January 2013
Rating: Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by JeanLiked by sholzyLiked by Guest)
This is a bright and BUSY theme that has been designed to use all the ocPortal core features that come with the default installation. It will not necessarily appeal to many, but the advantage here is that the theme, once installed, can be hacked about to remove modules that the user does not find necessary, and still retain the full power of ocPortal's functionality.

Many aspects of the rendering of the theme have either been adapted from the default disp…

This is a delicious looking theme!
I particularly like the tall header nicely integrated with its 3 slices; a cool design inspiration.
Congrats, Fletch!  :thumbs:


Last edit: by Jean


Would have liked to have added more images, but it appears that this type of entry is limited to one image only. Any suggestions?

Also, tried to edit the posted image, but I am told, despite the 'Edit this' link, that I do not have permission to do so. Any observations?

It is possible to add more images by pasting them directly on the editor. :cool:

I also noticed that after the initial posting, you can go back to edit or add new images.

Last edit: by Jean
Good suggestion, although I'm working on this issue, I didn't realise it – it's actually a design flaw we'll tackle as a bug fix (gallery perms not being auto-set).


I am still wrestling with this one, Jean. I've looked at all the options available, but obviously I can't see the wood for the trees.

I'll keep trying, but in the meanwhile I've added a 'carousel' display to my post in the Themes section. Many ways to skin the proverbial cat, huh?

Please don't waste your time - I'll just be a few mins now.

Should work now :).
It probably does, Chris.

However, I am also probably being incredibly dense in my approach, but when I clicked to 'edit' image I was given the choice of uploading all the images I wanted to (that's good), but the only repository offered was 'root' (not so good), and the uploads were not deposited into the actual topic itself.

Now the entry does not have any images, and the invitation to upload takes me to 'root' once again. This 'root' appears to be the Galleries root, which I suspect is not where the download link looks for its images …?




Added the code from the entry in the Themeing Forum, and it suffices for this entry, but I suspect that this isn't how it was intended to be used.


Last edit: by Fletch
This seems to be an area of ocPortal that has pretty much gone untested by non-admins.

When you view the download you should see a 'Add image' link. It should preselect the download gallery, so you just need to upload there.

But what you've done is fine and consistent with the kind of thing Jean has done, so I wouldn't worry about it.

If next time you add something the 'Add image' link won't work right ping me back on it.

Btw, I have also given you bypass-validation access (most people have it here, but as you're in 'Registered users' we didn't have it configured for that).

Looks awesome Fletch!!!
Thanks, Duck.

Amazing how quickly it becomes 'old-hat', but I was hoping that, instead of taking the theme and using it 'as-is', that prospective users would take some (or all) of the squiggly-wiggly' tweaks I inserted and make use of them in their own original themes. They've all been tested against a fresh ocPortal install, and I know they work!


Its a very intresting theme Fletch. My compliments.
Thanks, Harry.

I think Jean said something similar about a previously released theme of his, but it is a compliment indeed when guys like you and Jean actually say there is 'value' in the released theme.

Makes one want to try out other ideas …!!


Well Fletch, I think the theme has more possibiltys then what you see first. Its the same with the City theme from Jean, I used it now, and how more look at it how more I see I could do with it.

Harry.  :thumbs:

Great work

Really nice to see all the effort you've put into this theme, Fletch, great job!


Thanks, Mark.


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