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ocWorld (#downloads_320) - Comments

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ocWorld by Chris Graham

Downloads: 691
Added: 22 July 2010
ocWorld is a full zone addon for ocPortal. It adds a "multi user dungeon" (MUD) environment where members (players) may interact with each other and construct virtual worlds. The system includes an economy based on points.
There is a very carefully selected feature-set that allows interesting world interactions; quests, adventures, simulations, and other things may all be created by clever use of this feature-set.

System Requirements / Dependencies



White screen

Is there any explanation to tell me why all I get when I click Play ocWorld all I can get is a blank white page? Nothing at all, no menus, no text, nothing!



JoSan said

Is there any explanation to tell me why all I get when I click Play ocWorld all I can get is a blank white page? Nothing at all, no menus, no text, nothing!
Only explanation I can offer, not being a user of ocWorld, is that you haven't activated it yet.

Admin Zone >> Setup >> Addons

and you should get something like this …

Activate and you should be good to go.

Thanks for the quick answer, but:

  • I already installed addon as you can see in attach pic
  • I added an option on Zone menu named 'Play ocWorld'
  • If I click Shift/Control/mouse on it i get the configuration page for game
  • When i log out Admin zone and go to Site, I click Play ocWorld and everything gets white, full white.
Better to understand now? :$

Wish I could help. Works fine for me.  :(

Hi JoSan,

Like Eric, I wish I could help further.

Perhaps the staff will have an answer to your problem, but they're pretty busy guys …

Thank you people. You're very kind. One day, i'll find an answer. I am just installing everything and have a lot to do, because it will be a "Artists World", a community for people of arts (from craft, to encaustic, video, design or else).
I'm used with Joomla and that kind of stuff, but this is really new for me and I have a very big site to mount. Don't worry. After getting eveything else running, will back to war…

Thanks again


Often errors from white pages can be found in either the web server error log or ocPortal's error log (Admin Zone, under Usage). It would also help to know the page-link you used on your menu item.

Yes Chris, I think you're right!
I am not used to this software and there are a few things I still don't understand well. I am not hurry about this, because i'm trying to create a VERY BIG system with your software. I will use every option of it to help worldwide Artists Community.

I really don't understand something related with menu options and installation of ocWorld, but it seem that link is not okay. If i click on my Play ocWorld at Zone menu it will goes to:


I don't give real address yet, because the all site will take months until be ready for all.
Do you understand what's wrong on URL above, and where can I change it?

Thanks in advance and congratulations for this wonderful package. Almost perfect. Even the interface that I'm learning is nice and clear. It's my fault of knowlege, I surelly know it. :$


Is the page-link ocworld:ocworld:misc? I think that's what the menu editor would choose.

If not please try that.

Thank you. I'll try to find where and how I can change that! :dry:

This is aawesome

Hope it comes with 'enemies'  to fight and 'weapons'  to use soon :)

Mine shows 2 times the name of items i make.

So if i name my item 'futuristic chair'

the item on the floor will show like this

futuristic chair futuristic chair (1)

Why does it write the name 2 times?
Fix attached:
» Download: W_MAIN_ITEM.tpl (1.18 Kb, 227 downloads so far)
That did the trick. thank you

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