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ocPortal Version 8 (manual) - Comments

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ocPortal Version 8 (manual) by ocProducts

Downloads: 526
Added: 02 May 2012
Manual installer (as opposed to the regular quick installer). Please note this isn't documentation.

Manual Extracter on localhost after instal going to configure site I clicked the Bookmark safe node link and received this error.

Posting it so you are aware but so far it is not causing problems.

An error has occurred

"An error occurred when loading this screen onto the web browser. You are being notified of this as you are staff. If you believe this is a bug in the website software, please contact ocProducts with full details. More details are available in your browser's error console. The error was: 1: window.external.AddFavorite is not a function http://localhost/ocp8/adminzone/index.php?page=admin_setupwizard&type=misc"
Looks like Firefox has now half-implemented something proprietary from IE, so our code thought it could fully run it. Probably has existed since v5 or so, so nothing to worry about - but fixed.

I installed the Bookings Addon in V8 on local environment and after I seem to no longer be able to surf to site start. All other zones work  fine but site zone.


PHP WARNING [2] unlink(C:\Windows\Temp\fee7C0D.tmp) [<a href=''>function.unlink.php</a>]: Permission denied in sources\calendar.php on line 476 (version: 8.0, PHP version: 5.3.0, URL: /ocp8/index.php?page=login&type=login)

Had to run out ao haven't tried to figure this one out myself yet but maybe you have an idea that would save me the troubleshooting?

I added one bookable and 1 supplment just to test before noticing this.
Quick fix it…

In sources/calendar.php change unlink($temp_file_path); to @unlink($temp_file_path);.

We'll do that, however it's only suppressing the error, which is that the temporary directory in your php.ini has permissions stopping PHP deleting the files it is creating.

Probably files will start building up in the temp directory which you don't really want.

So a better fix…

We already skirt around a few problems PHP can have with temporary file permissions, but this one is Windows-specific (I think on Windows you can create a file in a directory, but not necessarily be allowed to delete it again – the permission scheme is richer). We can't detect it's going to happen, but I'm going to add a new hidden option to tell ocPortal there is a problem and to therefore save into the ocPortal 'safe_mode_temp' folder instead.

In sources/support.php line 600 change:


   $problem_saving=((ini_get('safe_mode')=='1') || ((@strval(ini_get('open_basedir'))!='') && (preg_match('#(^|:|;)/tmp($|:|;|/)#',ini_get('open_basedir'))==0)));


   $problem_saving=((ini_get('safe_mode')=='1') || (get_value('force_local_temp_dir')=='1') || ((@strval(ini_get('open_basedir'))!='') && (preg_match('#(^|:|;)/tmp($|:|;|/)#',ini_get('open_basedir'))==0)));

Then type this into OcCLE:



Thanks Chris. My first thought was the php.ini temp directory but I looked thru it and couldn't find it referencing that folder so I wasn't sure why it was choosing windows temp directory. I guess maybe it was using the machines environment variables?

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