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ocPortal build infrastructure Open-Sourced - Comments

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ocPortal build infrastructure Open-Sourced

Posted 04 August 2012, 7:38 PM

It's played on my mind for quite a few years that only I could really package up versions of ocPortal for release. I think every release so far, bar possibly one or two by Philip Withnall, has been put out by me.

The reason for this is that the scripts to build ocPortal were a kind of black magic. Black magic doing a lot of complex stuff and designed with a solid process behind them, but still they were really cobbled together. Over time their construction branched further away from how ocPortal itself…

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The build process continues to be better automated. A lot of peripheral tasks like setting up Launchpad translations, updating personal demos, updating ERD diagrams, and building API documentation, are now laid out in detail so that making big releases is theoretically as easy as following a set of instructions. This means faster releases, with fewer mistakes, an avoidance for less obvious aspects being left to decay, and a process not necessarily depending on me. It frees up resources for future development (and client work), ensuring the project has a solid foundation to keep moving ahead fast.

New unit tests have also been written to catch common mistakes that might have been made when gearing up for a new version, such as incorrectly doing the leg-work for making the third-party installer integrations work right, or otherwise forgetting to update stuff.

Maybe one day we'll be able to automate some of these steps even further, but right now it is nice just to have it laid out and be able to step through and intercede if any step is giving problems. It used to be really hard to remember to do all this and then remember how to!

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Sharing of tools is often overlooked and for exactly the reason you gave - they are more often then not "cobbled together".

Keep up the excellent work!

Great progress

Very Impressive!

This is great news!! ocPortal not only rocks but continues to lead the way for CMS software.


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