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ocPortal and BitNami Simplify Content Management in the Cloud - Comments

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ocPortal and BitNami Simplify Content Management in the Cloud

Posted 28 August 2012, 3:29 PM

BitNami and ocPortal have partnered to create the BitNami ocPortal Stack to provide one-click deployment of ocPortal, a complete open source web content management system.

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This is an astounding news which can make it easy for anyone to actually experience a full fledge ocPortal deployment on the web at no cost for one year. BitNami Cloud Hosting has a free developer account, which allows you to manage one micro instance (an Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS 64bits server t1.micro, 613MB RAM, Up to 2 Cores with Disk Size of 10 GB) for free. Combined with Amazon's free tier, you get free web hosting for a year!

After creating an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Account for free, Use the BitNami Cloud Hosting subscription service to simplify the process of deploying and managing ocPortal to the Amazon EC2 Cloud. I've done it. It is fairly simple to setup and it works.

I find this particularly interesting as one of the major handicap facing my students after deploying ocPortal in the classroom was to get them to subscribe to a decent web hosting service on their limited budget.

Thank you to ocPortal an BitNami for collaborating on this project and making available an attractive option.
 :)  :thumbs:



WOW…fantastic development, indeed.  :thumbs:

I first was introduced to ocportal through 'Simple Scripts' on my web host, that was 7.1.5, which is still the version offered for a single click install.  Not sure if you all know about being offered through them.
Yep, I'm aware the Simple Scripts one gets out-of-date. My understanding is that they are improving their script packaging process – they're a relative newcomer and still working out some details.
Funny thing is that for anything else I have loaded, it actually notifies you of updates, for OCP it never has.   No does it list my installation as v9 or notice the difference.   Perhaps they'll get it right one day.
Thanks for the heads-up. Communicating with them has recently been integrated into our release push process, so hopefully that'll help them in this area.

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