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ocPortal 9 beta1 released! - Comments

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ocPortal 9 beta1 released!

Posted 11 July 2012, 7:09 PM

9 beta1 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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This error I got after upgrading from alfa1 tot beta 1: Could not save. Are you out of disk space or quota space? Did you try and use a file that was 0 bytes?
» Download: tar.php (20 Kb, 282 downloads so far)

The above should fix it. It was writing to the end of TARs opened for reading (nothing destructive), which oddly didn't produce an error on my development machines.
This 'fix' doesn't. I still get a 'bailing out' error when I launch the upgrader from the Admin zone.

Where can I pick up a clean copy of 9Beta1 so that I can install it via FTP?
You can grab the  "Bleeding edge" version in the Downloads area. It is v9 beta1.

Thanks, Bob.

Been on these forums too long, and keep 'losing' my way!



Critical error ‚€" bailing out

This is an error that has been elevated to critical error status because it occurred during the primary error mechanism reporting system itself (possibly due to it occuring within the standard output framework). It may be masking a secondary error that occurred before this, but was never output - if so, it is likely strongly related to this one, thus fixing this will fix the other.
syntax error, unexpected T_SR [sources/upgrade.php] (version: 9-alpha1, PHP version: 5.2.17, URL: /nine/upgrader.php)

Expand: Stack trace Stack trace

Expand: Integrity check Integrity check

The two files referenced in the 'Integrity check' actually exist, but it looks like this version (I think the Alpha did this too!) manages to reference a folder that doesn't exist, i.e. themes/default/imagges/

Result - can't test any further. Sorry!

Both these problems actually indicate that 'resume' was used during upload of slightly-larger replacement files, rather than 'overwrite'. Could that be the case?
Sorry, missed this earlier (hate 'threaded'), but I can't say for certain that that was the case.

I am reinstalling Beta1 from scratch as the site is a 'test' site and nothing is lost. It is also unlikely that anybody else would want to do the 'upgrade' from Alpha to Beta, and it looks like Harry has gone the same route as me, and has a fully functioning site.

Keep on truckin'


Hmm, some rather odd errors there. Upgrading isn't really supported between alpha1 and beta1, it's not something I actually gave any thought at all. Clean installs would be the way to go.

The TAR functionality has been altered quite a lot so it is very possible a bug was introduced there. I'll take a look at it all tomorrow.

Oke I will try a clean install in the next days

@Chris Is upgrading from v8 expected to work?
Yes, however I have realised that the changes to the TAR support may have broken upgrades generated from I was going to look at it today, but I'm under the weather at the moment so it'll need to wait a bit still.
On investigating, I think things are okay for the most part. I was worried I might have introduced a big incompatibility (tar support was upgraded to be a superset of two competing tar formats out there) but actually it was just a very specific bug in v9, which I am posting a fix for next.

After uploading the fix , status screen arrives on screen without error so fixed.


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