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ocPortal 9.0.6 released - Comments

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ocPortal 9.0.6 released

Posted 18 February 2013, 10:59 PM

9.0.6 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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Nothing earth-shattering in this release, just a bug-fix roundup mainly intended to make sure new users have all known issues fixed :). Personally I'd say only bother upgrading if you have issues.

Upgrading my

Chris, Greetings and I hope you are well!

For family/personal reasons I have been on leave from my ocPortal project. I haven't acted on the upgrade, and believe the best path to 'catch up' is to extract/save the content in it and start a new site from the latest ocPortal version.

If this will bring me the greatest utility, let me know. I am hoping in this interim that some others have had the need to work up the fixes to the Medical Master theme (as I had done before), but for the newest version.

If not, it's OK, I hope to start fresh and make the same kind of progress made in the last pursuit. If this is a recommendation of yours for 'best practice' at this time.

Thank you for your prior help, and your input at this time.

Les (Doc Natural) :)

Hi Les,

There's no reason you need to throw anything out, except the theme which will no longer be compatible. The rest of the site should upgrade just fine. I'd only do it if you want a clean slate.

None of the commercial themes have been redone for v9. They may be updated to v10 or a future release at some point, but there are currently no plans to do so – we'd basically need people breaking our door with demand to justify the costs, or people funding for a particular theme to be redone.

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five minutes later, reattempt to submit

OK Chris, I will do the upgrades which apparently means you will be hearing from me regarding the theme.
If there is anything you need to look at there (regarding the theme-the previous work) let me know.
I'll proceed in the next day or so.
Fun Fun!
 (you must have done something, the code was needed this time, it's working again!)

(…but this time I got a 'flood control' blockage warning and the 5 second delay notice, thought you should know)

(and again, with a flood control notice…)

(and again, with a flood control notice…)

(I can't get past this flood control…)

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