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ocPortal 9.0.10 released - Comments

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ocPortal 9.0.10 released

Posted 15 December 2013, 12:20 AM

9.0.10 released. Read the full article for more information, and upgrade information.

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A couple of possible issues

I have updated a couple of live sites and the updates went smooth, but I am seeing a couple of issues.

The profile tabs appear to be getting messed up again after selecting the points tab and then selecting another tab. Similar to 0001393: Issue with member profile tabs - ocPortal feature tracker. It happens on one site, but not on another. It might be too early to call it a bug, since I do have some template overrides in place on the site that is experiencing this issue. I will have to do some more testing to see what the differences are between the addons installed and the template overrides I have on each site to narrow down where the problem might be coming from.

It looks like the keep_* variables aren't being added to the links on pages so they don't get passed on. If I masquerade or run in safe mode, I get a page that correctly loads with the keep_su or keep_safe_mode variable in the url, but none of the links on those pages retain that variable when clicking them.

I'll keep an eye out for any other issues.
Thanks for the report. I can't actually reproduce either of these though.

The profile tab thing, the fix was in JAVASCRIPT.tpl:

keep parameters are not propagated for bots (as it causes big duplicate URL problems). Could you have edited bots.txt to include a substring within your own browser's user-agent? Or perhaps running an extension to "see what Google sees"?
OK, I think I may see what is going on. CloudFlare may be the culprit of the profile tab issues after the update. Clearing the CloudFlare cache seems to have fixed that. For the keep variables, I'll have to check more into why, but I found that I had to enable the Compatibility View settings in IE11 for my web sites to get the keep variables passed along. I checked it in Google Chrome and the keep variables work there, they just don't want to play nice with a fully updated IE11 unless Compatibility View is enabled.

Automated fix message

This issue has been filed on the tracker as issue #1472, with a fix.

So far, so good.

No problems encountered on the LIVE site (closed at the moment), nor the CLONED site.

Good job.

Thanks for doing these reports for us, it's appreciated :).


I've been trying to install this new version from scratch, and I'm receiving this error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_option() in /myinstalldir/htdocs/sources/comcode.php on line 53

I've been looking for the issue in your code, and it seems something about this variable
which in version 9.0.9 was set to FALSE, and now it is set to
$LAX_COMCODE=(get_option('complex_uploader')=='0'); // TODO: This should be a new accessibility option. It is bad to expect blind users to get Comcod\
e precisely right, it's a lot harder when you can't scan visually.

Maybe you have forgotten an include or something like that. If I turn this variable to false, it works perfectly.

Best regards,
Thanks for the report. That was an embarrassing one (I tested the v8 and v10-wip installers, but forgot to run through the v9 one).

I have fixed the issue, added automated tests to our test set to do a full installer run-through (so we automatically pick this kind of thing up in the future), and re-pushed the release to our server.

Maybe you have forgotten an include or something like that. If I turn this variable to false, it works perfectly.

The installer runs ocPortal in a reduced mode, and the code is supposed to adapt to that in relevant parts. In this case we forgot to consider that (after changing something in the overall framework).
I've tested it and it works perfectly now. Thank you very much!

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