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ocPortal 8 RC7 released - Comments

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ocPortal 8 RC7 released

Posted 27 April 2012, 5:31 PM

8 RC7 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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7th time's a charm ;)?
Hopefully, so. But as I said elsewhere, it's more important that v8 be a very solid release given all the changes and new features.


When uploading an image into the forum it appears to work, then shows a box with a cross in it once the page loads.

When i edit the post it tells me

ERROR: A resource, 27, requested within some Comcode (the attachment tag) does not exist.

Post attachments don't seem to work. I can upload to galleries fine though.
Problem with inline-attachments on MSN satellite sites. Fix:
» Download: preview.php (10 Kb, 237 downloads so far)

Problem doing hover-previews on MSN satellite sites. Fix:
» Download: JAVASCRIPT_EDITING.tpl (30 Kb, 230 downloads so far)
Cheers Chris :)

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