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ocPortal 8.1.1 released - Comments

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ocPortal 8.1.1 released

Posted 13 June 2012, 8:38 PM

8.1.1 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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I can report a success on 'Live' & 'Cloned' sites for the 'upgrade' portion. I do not know if anything has been horrendously zapped, although it appears that nothing has suffered any lasting damage despite the following:
  • Theme Upgrader: "There is no theme upgrader available for the version you are upgrading to."
  • (Packed 74 files into addon archive (for presence upon potential reinstallation) - low-risk updating).
  • 1,097 new/updated files.

Those figures caused a sharp intake of breath, but I am always one to 'take a risk'. So I did. Any 'nasties' emerging from this upgrade will be itemised as separate entries elsewhere!

That all sounds right.

Theme upgrades are defined manually now, when there's a need.

A lot of files got altered in this one as there were some cleanups to the text file format of many files, stemming from a long time ago. It's nothing to worry about – it just led to a large file change count.
In that case I won't chase my tail tonight, looking for things that aren't there!

Tomorrow will be slow attending to this. The Electric-man cometh, and then it is England's turn to try and put on a similar Houdini-act to the one Portugal performed tonight in Euro2012. Fingers crossed. And if any of our cousins from across the pond refer to this as 'soccer', I will not be held responsible for any outburst that might follow!


I took a look at how much work is involved with reintegrating the antispam patch. It looks like surprisingly little work because, as Chris mentioned, many of the file changes are just line endings.


Was 8.1.1 (manual) ever released, or did I miss something?

It's on the download page. The deployment process is now automated, is something unusual happening?
… download page
That's the link I'm not seeing.
The deployment process is now automated …
I've invariably (precise use of the word - not 'often' or 'sometimes') used the automated 'upgrade' page and extracted the TAR link.
… is something unusual happening?
I tried to upgrade from 8RC6 to 8.1.1 for my DEMO site and the tool told me it didn't recognise '8RC6'. So, I went looking for the manual version, but couldn't find it. Also, when I eventually managed to get the upgrade going, it identified outdated files that needed to be replaced from the manual download via FTP. Duhhhhhh! Where is it?


Edit: Belay all that. I've found it under 'Downloads'. I just have to change my work ethic and look somewhere else for the file in future!


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