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ocGiftGiver - Comments

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ocGiftGiver by Kamen Blaginov

Downloads: 958
Added: 14 August 2012
Provides the ability for members to purchase a wide variety of configurable gifts and to send them to other members or even to send them themselves. The gifts are configurable by the admin section – gift title (name), gift image, gift price (in points). When a gift is sent to a member it creates a Private Topic that describes the gift. Also it places the gift in the list of gifts received by the member in the profile section. Gifts also could be sent ano…

OCF_MEMBER_SCREEN_GIFTS_WRAP.tpl is not checked by default when installing the Gifts addon, all the other files are. Clean install of 9.0.19.
ocPortal always checks all the files, there's no logic here deciding per-file what is checked by default (I just confirmed).

Perhaps it's your Waterfox browser erasing parts of the HTML again :S.
Started using Cyberfox with ocPortal now, but I guess that could be buggy too. In fairness to Waterfox it has been fine with everything else I do and visit (so far).
The only other options I can think of:
  1. accidental label clicking (the file path is a label to the checkbox, so clicking that would uncheck it).
  2. form auto-complete gone-mad.
I actually refreshed the install page a few times, and if I checked that box it was unchecked after refresh. Don't think I accidentally clicked it and I have no form filling turned on (except for password management). No big deal, easy enough to check the box, just thought I would mention it.

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