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New v10 feature for programmers -- decision trees - Comments

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New v10 feature for programmers -- decision trees

Posted 10 July 2015, 11:50 AM

Did anyone used to read "Choose your own adventure" books? I read a few dozen as a kid.

I have just taken a little break from wrestling my inbox to write a little thing we will need for the new Composr homesite: decision trees.

Decision trees allow a programmer to quickly build up a flow between any number of screens with text and questions. Depending on the answers given, it flows through differently, until you get to a terminal screen. i.e. just like a Choose your own adventure…

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Very handy

I love the choices of ways to stay in contact with visitors/customers. Means as much as the actual work being done at times. I love the effort and thought being put into every aspect of Composer. Thank you for the effort given Chris.

Surprise feature addition to v10, who'd have thought it :) Excellent.
I would have expected upgrades to scripts etc but new features surprises me. Just how much can be added to this already packed puppy..

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