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New emoticons - Comments

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New emoticons

Posted 15 October 2013, 1:04 PM
Hi all,

As a thank you for people's patience while we continue the long path towards ocPortal 10, I am releasing a few new emoticons we've added.

(I've always wanted to add a few more, and we had some free designer time.)

We have a devil emoticon, and frankly it scares me. If I see this before going to bed, I dream all night that I am being tortured in the fiery pits of hell. We'd better add some light to…

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System - (Chris Graham), said

Do you know how to fire a Smith & Western?
Smith & Wesson

I know these things. Played 'Cowboys & Indians' when I was a sprog. It wouldn't surprise you to hear that I always took the part of the Indian. I never really got to fire the six-shooter, but I became proficient with the good old bow and arrow(s)!

System - (Chris Graham), said

Do you have a moustache (*3)? Then this emoticon is for you.
*3 This emoticon may apply to females to. Cowboys are from the past, before laser hair removal.
Stand by for some vitriolic comments from your female membership!


 :lol:  :thumbs:

Whoops ;).

Stand by for some vitriolic comments from your female membership!

I was trying to be inclusive by declaring the emoticon usable by any gender ;). Any woman who can grow an impressive moustache, they should keep it natural and avoid the laser treatment – it would be a thing of wonder. Any woman who cannot, well they can attach a fake one so all is good.
There's another old military adage I subscribe to … the one about 'holes' and 'stop digging'. I'm sure you know what I mean …!!


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