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Minor update on v10 development - Comments

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Minor update on v10 development

Posted 23 November 2014, 9:58 PM

Hi all,

Our users have been remarkably patient waiting for v10, which has been taking a long time. I'm writing up this quick blog post because I worry people are going to think it is stuck in development hell, which isn't really the case.

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When v 10 comes out will it require re-theming or will the existing themes flow through the upgrade. Sorry for the simpleton question. I just left because the were not keeping my sites online and never answered my tickets. So I went to Arvixe and now am having to rebuild my websites from scratch. Arvixe provided me with v9.0.16 and I am right now doing the theme and wondering if it is going to have to be done again at v10?
v10 won't be directly compatible with v9 themes, but if you take the work done on a v9 theme, it should be relatively easy to reapply that onto a v10 theme. It won't be like v8 to v9 was.

How easy it is is not yet determined. It's one of the remaining sticking points in development, as honestly the long development has led to more changes than we initially intended/expected, yet we also have an intention to improve theme upgrading tools.

A wider update on v10:

There's a lot of good stuff we need to announce about v10 that have not yet, and what I mean by this will become obvious, we've been coy about it so far.
It's taking a very long time though. So much is being overhauled that it's been hard to do the big time investments needed for each big jump forward on the plan. There are just a few big jumps left now though, the vast majority of them are completed.

I for one am looking forward to seeing these developments.
Many thanks for the update Chris.

Good stuff  :wub:

Thanks for the update, always interesting to read about the future :)

Good to hear that v10 is getting closer and closer, keep up the great work Chris!

Thanks for this update, Chris!
Interesting technology progressions to look forward to. :thumbs:

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