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Minimal Theme - Comments

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Minimal Theme by Fletch

Downloads: 3,939
Added: 20 April 2013
Rating: Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by Chris GrahamLiked by JeanLiked by wpramanto)
This is MINIMAL, the version 9.0.6 theme for April.

Based on the old saying, "Less is more," it seemed like a good idea to move away from the heavily coloured themes I've put up so far and dash off a 'simple' theme, mostly white, that might appeal to those that are a bit chary of heavy colours.

Big mistake!

When I started to 'trim' away the box title backgrounds and the box borders it looked like I would need to fall back on the excuse that I was concentrating on…

Your  minimalist approach resulted in a professional looking theme.

Thanks again for sharing this theme and giving us an insight into the process.
Well Done! :thumbs:


I gotta say I really like the stuff you're putting out Fletch! Thanks!

I am happy to report that this theme works fine in 9.0.9, and I am sure that the themes I've built for any version 9.x.x will also do the same.

Enjoy …

May I use it / Modifythis Theme?

Great theme!

I'm building an educational portal for the use of my own students and I would really like to use this simple and great theme you designed.

Would you mind if I have to modify it somewhat for my own use?

Would you like to be given credit for your original design in my site?

Thanks in advance.

Use it, modify it, and the attribution isn't at all necessary.

Good luck and drop a clue in here as to how you went about using it.

Hey, thank you!


I will let you know when I'm finished with theme adjustments. I think they will be minimal, really, I like it a lot as it is…


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