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Let's kick some CMS a$$! - Comments

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Let's kick some CMS a$$!

Posted 02 June 2006, 7:53 PM

Where I'm coming from: I've been a cms user for about 6+ years now, starting with the nuke twins (PHPNuke, PostNuke and the various incantations) and moving from there to Xoops and Mambo/Joomla. In addition to operating an ISP for 10 years, I also run my own consulting company for small to mid business as well as residential users.

The approach to ocPortal: I discovered OCP quite by accident: for our customers, we use a package called Installatron and low and behold, OCP 2.6.x appeared one day as a package option. Always the CMS freak, I immediately installed a copy to see what it was about. Welp, lemme tell ya: other than the already documented issues regarding the admin interface (confusion in the layout), I was captivated by OCP enough to hang tight until May31 to see V3. *grin*, worth the wait! OCP is the ONLY CMS product I've seen on the Interweb that contains all of the basic requirements (forum, news, blog, gallery, downloads, etc.) under one umbrella. Install and go…very kewl!

I've decided to try and approach my testing of Beta 2 from a novice/semi-experienced point of view. I think that this way, my feedback to the OCP Team will give them and idea of what it looks like to the untrained eye.

The Format: I'm going to post anything and everything I see and find, in no particular order and with absolutely no "chasing down" of the problem(s). I feel it is important for the OCP Team to see the issues as the novice+ enduser would. Additionally, I will also be including some observations and opinions of my own which I will try to clearly mark as such.

My Testing Platform:
OS: Fedora Core 2, 2.4.22-1.2188.nptl
PHP: 4.3.10
Web: Apache 1.3.31
OpenSSL: 0.9.7a
MySql: Client 3.23.49, Server 4.0x
Zend Optimizer: installed

My Machine:
OS: SimplyMepis 6 (Debian based Linux)
Primary Browser: Firefox

Thanx for taking the time to follow along and I sincerely hope that this rambling blog will be of some assistance to others and the OCP Team.

Be well,

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