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Google Translate - Comments

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Google Translate by Chris Graham

Downloads: 1,434
Added: 14 August 2012
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By adding


to the side panel of your website, you will give your users the option to translate the content of your website into another language by using Google Translate. After installing you must enable via the 'Enable Google translate' option.


Licensed on the same terms as ocPortal

Doesnt work

I have put this on my site but it doesn't work.
it will take about 10 minutes to load a page when using it and it doesn't even translate it to the selected language.

Unfortunately Google dropped their v1 translation API, and v2 is pay only. Our code doesn't support it.

I just pushed an update of the addon to our git repository that works with v2, and rewrote the description to this addon, which was also a mess.

When we release v10 of our software we'll push the updated addon alongside it. In the short term I doubt so many people will want to pay for Google Translate, given Google release their free widget.

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