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Fourth Dimension - Comments

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Fourth Dimension by Harry-S

Downloads: 4,035
Added: 06 October 2012
Rating: Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by FletchLiked by JeanLiked by superiorpyroLiked by GuestLiked by Guest)
Fourth Dimension is a very nice game theme base for version 9.x.x, build on screensize 1920 x 1080 px but have build in automatic screen width for the background.
There is used site width transparency, controlled by global.css.
There was only a code fix for theme in v 9.0.2.

The theme is free, but let me know if you makes changes with a link to your site, so I can see the changes. :)

A masterpiece for gamers!

Thanks so much, Harry!



giving error

I just installed this template and it is giving me this error

ERROR: A resource, 4, requested within some Comcode (the attachment tag) does not exist.
can you tell me with version of ocP you use this.?




ocportal verison

Yes its verison 9.0.6

I need to check this out. But I have no access to my server at the moment, because it was hacked. I will see how and why this is happen.


You can edit the page you get that error on and just delete the part about attachment. There was probably images in the demo of theme and you didn't get them in install but you don't need em anyway replace the page with your own content

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