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Fotografia Theme - Comments

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Fotografia Theme by Fletch

Downloads: 3,217
Added: 18 March 2013
Rating: Item has a rating of 4 (Liked by DuckLiked by Jean)
Achieving the effect was easier than I anticipated; HTML5 and CSS3 to the rescue! Not a single image-pixel was used for the design element, which is an outrageous claim for a colourful 'Photo' site. Of course, you can't avoid images when you need to display photographs, but not needing images for the design element has got to be good for load times!

Landing page & Login:

The Site:


Very Nice once again fletch!
Thanks, Duck.

P.S. Thanks for the points.


Last edit: by Fletch

Wonderful example of precision themeing! :thumbs:
Thanks, Jean. There was a hidden agenda - I am probably going to use it myself for a site I want to put up.

The 'detailed' work is now done, so I should simply be able to deploy it without too many headaches.

P.S. Thanks for the points.


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