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Firefox and memory - Comments

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Firefox and memory

Posted 14 April 2012, 2:45 AM
I used to be a Firefox fan, but I moved away once Chrome had good quality web development extensions because one thing Google did really well was performance. It's just such a smooth browser to use and that's increasingly important now websites are getting more and more sophisticated.

Generally-speaking, all the browsers have caught up with Chrome now, but one thing Firefox now has is a really bad reputation as a memory…

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Wow, I had no idea Chrome had so many features already, and some excellent add-ons are available now that haven't for the longest time. You've convinced me Chris, I absolutely hate FireFox but nothing matched it for the features I wanted, Chrome has all the features i want now and it really is tons faster than FireFox, good shout, thanks, :)

All the big browsers have add-on/extension capabilities now.

I've found a recipe for failure: OS X + Firefox + Flash. It grinds the browser to a halt!

Yes, the memory problem is the reason I left firefox in the past,I moved to Avant browser after that, but now, I get firefox back and use it with chrome ,avant browser at the same time. It's much better now.

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