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Documentation in v10 and some fun with numbers - Comments

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Documentation in v10 and some fun with numbers

Posted 04 January 2016, 8:35 PM

A tiny blog post, after 2 recent huge ones…

Improving the documentation has been critical to the v10 process. It's been a huge process of neutral in-depth reviewing, amends, graphics design, integrating past unofficial text from various sources, and writing new tutorials.

We're almost done with it all now, so I'll share some rough stats (rounded), and have a little fun in the process.

v9 docs: 400 images and 250,000…

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While we might not have to wait for "Composr" for nearly as long as “Winds of Winter”, as an enthusiastic reader of "A song of ice and fire" series I can readily correlate the challenges and hard work in the two accomplishments. 

Can’t wait to put my hands on each one!
Thanks Jean :).

Mindboggling, that's a lot of hard work right there.

Quick question. I know that in in "Alpha" right now. Can updates to the Alpha be pulled from the repository once it is installed? Just curious about this since I'd like to test Composr on a development website that I have.
Yes. However, we're not preserving compatibility as we develop, so database table changes etc could happen, requiring a reinstall.

We're getting very near the end of the process, so in theory no huge changes. However I just noticed that there was a pattern of calling up templates I invented 10 years ago that can be heavily optimised, and was able to remove about 50 templates. So random unexpected changes can happen still.
OK. Will wait until a formal Beta is released..

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